Monthly Archives: September, 2012

The Muslim World That Isn’t

Dear British Media,

I do wish you would stop referring to Muslim majority countries as “the Muslim world”. It’s not only divisive and unhelpful to dichotomise the planet into Muslim and non-Muslim, but completely nonsensical. It is no more “the Muslim world” than the UK is a Christian country or Europe a Christian continent, which they aren’t. Individual humans have opinions, countries and regions don’t, and they certainly don’t get them by virtue of perceived majority belief. Muslim majority countries are home to millions of those of other and no religious beliefs; these people count too, but get dismissed in the generalized narrative. Just as you recognise the multifaceted nature of Europeans and inhabitants of the Americas, and refuse to reduce them to a one dimensional and inaccurate label, please too extend that same understanding and courtesy to Muslims and non-Muslims living in the Middle East and North Africa.

The term is also particularly harmful in the present context. Talk of violence, anger and murder in “the Muslim world” has the implication that Muslims, as a homogeneous block, are rampaging and destroying without dissent, which is nonsense. Sensible, liberal and secular Muslims have spoken out against the moronic violence, hundreds of millions haven’t taken part in it at all, and yet they too become unwittingly represented by the worst and most destructive elements within their respective countries.

Kindly consider you preconceptions and prejudices, and act accordingly.

Yours faithfully,

Confused Ape x