Things I’m Going to do after a PhD

In the midst of thesis writing, as my mind yearns for sources of distraction and topics of procrastination, I’m coming up with lots of things that I really ought to do. Now in reality, many of these things aren’t important, they’re just things I’d rather be doing than data analysis. But some of them are important, they’re just not as urgent as this thesis submission. So, this post is going to be the receptacle for these important, but not urgent, things: things I’d like to do, love to do, need to do, want to do, should do…but just not right now. Three to start:

1) Learn about climate change, human impact upon it and what can be done.
2) Help out a particular friend, who’s under a lot of pressure with family commitments, by giving them a break from their duties once per month.
3) Write that article I’ve been meaning to on why Humanists should adopt drug policy and harm reduction as issues as core to their movement and campaigns as right-to-die and reproductive rights are now.

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